How to Make Subs louder Outside the Car? (Step by Step Guide)

Generally subwoofers for cars are designed to listen to the music internally. However, we can’t deny the fact it feels cool to know how to make our subs louder outside the car as well.

There are many benefits of doing that. Most of us love listening to loud music, and it also makes our car standout from the rest, especially if we’re participating in road trips or other similar events.

But, how to make Subs louder outside the car?

Well, I have done that for my own car, and  there are a few general ways in which you can make your subs louder. Here’s a few of them, 

How to Make Subs louder Outside the Car?
How to Make Subs louder Outside the Car?
  • Try mounting them facing the trunk.
  • Increase the subwoofer’s cone area.

Things to consider to make subs louder outside the Car

The nature of the subwoofers should be loud and rugged. You must be wondering that it is only the physical size of the subwoofer that makes it loud, but size is just one of the features that make subs louder. 

There are other features as well which include: sensitivity, power handling wattage,the type of enclosures used, power handling also play a major role in making the music exciting. 

Things to consider to make subs louder outside the Car
Things to consider to make subs louder outside the Car

Now let’s talk about all these features in detail-

πŸš— Sensitivity

The input power and the output sound can only be measured by a sub’s sensitivity. The unit associated with measurement here is decibel.

The sensitivity of 92 db (decibels) or higher is considered to be good for audio output. Sensitivity measurements of 88 db are average and anything below 84 db is considered to be poor audio quality.

πŸš— Power handling Wattage

Every subwoofer has a limit of how much electrical power a subwoofer is capable of handling before burning out. 

So to say in a nutshell! Your subwoofers’ watts determine how much power your audio system can handle.

So here comes the main question β€œHow much power do my subwoofers need?” 

The best wattage for a car subwoofer would be around 300 watts. This much power supply would ensure that your music is loud and clear.

πŸš— Subwoofer size

The size of the subwoofer also plays an important role as the size is concerned with the amount of air the subs can move. The prominent size of the subwoofer that fits your car can result in amazing sound production. 

Subwoofers with cone size 15” to 18” will produce more air, which will lead to increased pressure levels. Moreover, you should consider increasing the cone size of your subwoofers.

πŸš— Type of the enclosure

The subwoofers contain a box known as an enclosure whose primary objective is to balance the front and back frequencies that are emitted. If you use the Subwoofers without any enclosure then it will result in negligible sound.

There are three major kinds of enclosures that are available:

  • Sealed (closed) enclosures: These enclosures produce a more deep base and accurate sound, generally these enclosures are usually smaller in size.
  • Ported (Bass reflex) enclosures: These enclosures can be used to produce a more punchier sound. It is large in size as compared to other enclosures.
  • Band-Pass enclosures: The sound that is produced with these enclosures is extra loud within a narrow frequency range. These are mid sized enclosures.

πŸš— Power Handling Capability

The power handling capacity can be determined as the amount of electrical power a subwoofer can handle as discussed in point 2  

Manufacturers generally state two power figures for subwoofers:

  • RMS: Which is the nominal power, which can handle a specific amount of power for a long time without being harmed.
  • Peak Power: The maximum amount of energy that a subwoofer can hold for a short period of time without damage.

How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car? in 8 Simple Ways

πŸš— Run multiple subs

β€œShould I add another car subwoofer” many of you would be having this question when thinking about increasing the sound production, the answer here would be- adding multiple subwoofers would definitely increase the sound production.

It will definitely increase the subwoofer’s bass frequencies and would eventually result in producing more volume.

πŸš— Properly Place a Subwoofer for the Best Sound Effects

This is one of the most underrated ways you would have thought to increase the sound produced. If you place your subwoofers in the correct way then it can be optimized to produce much more volume than expected.

If your subs are facing your seat then try refacing them towards the trunk, which is an ideal place for your subs. By doing this your subwoofers will be louder outside and inside of the car.

How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car? in 8 Simple Ways
How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car? in 8 Simple Ways

πŸš— Choose Proper Subwoofer Size

It is one of the most easy and effective ways to increase the audio output for your subwoofers. A big subwoofer will be able to move much more air and would be able to produce much more audio output.

However, a small subwoofer won’t be able to produce up to that much extent as compared to the big subwoofers but it can surely result in a better frequency reach.

πŸš— Install a Ported box To Make Subs Louder

A ported box contains the woofer and one or multiple ports and functions in such a way which allows the air to escape out of the box in a vented form. 

This is what gives you the better and louder sound effect, the reason being the two different mechanisms that are moving the air. 

πŸš— Feed your subwoofers enough power

In most of the cases subwoofers do not produce the amount of sound expected and one of the major causes of this malfunctioning is the less amount of power supplied, there are even cases in which the subwoofers burn out due to excess power supply. 

So it is extremely crucial to supply the right amount of power to your subs. Most of the subwoofers use about 150-1000 watts in order to reproduce the sound correctly.

πŸš— Sound deadening material might β€œLOWER” your SPL

Sometimes it is the type of the surrounding medium which becomes a cause for decreased volume of subwoofers.

In this situation adding a base drum, soft material and sturdier platform could help. These materials would assist in enhancing the bass waves which would then result in excellent sound production.

πŸš— Roll down the windows & sunroof

Rolling down the windows and sunroof can aid you to a great extent to produce maximum sound output. You can see immediate results by rolling up the windows and sunroof.

This would cut all the noises coming from outside and will let you enjoy your music. 

πŸš— Properly tune your subs

Tuning of subwoofers can show massive results if you are troubled with sound production of your subs. Tuning of subs is one of the most effective ways in which you can amplify your sound and get the most out of your subwoofers.

So, if you were wondering how to make my subs louder, these 8 ways will surely provide you with some result.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Should I Tune the Amplifier for Loudness?

The amplifier should connect to your subs with RCA patch cables, this would result in louder sound.

2. Do I Need to Soundproof the Car for a Better Bass?

Soundproofing the car would no doubt result in better sound quality, you can use sound proofing material to enhance the sound produced by the audio system.

3. Do subs get louder over time?

YES! Speakers do sound initially better as they break in or over time.

4. How to make a subwoofer have more bass?

πŸ‘ Turn the face of your subs towards the trunk of the car.
πŸ‘ Tune your subs properly.
πŸ‘ Avoid outside noise as much as possible, this can be done by installing soundproofing materials.

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Every car driver is concerned with their car’s sound system, some of them want the music to be on high volume, some like it to be on higher bass, some like their music to be soft. 

And so we came up with a detailed analysis particularly for those types of car owners that enjoy their music to be on high volume.