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Clint Harris
Person: Clint Harris
Website: carwrenching.com
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My name is Clint Harris and I have a passion for everything related to cars and technology. Even though I love the entirety of the automotive world, I’m particularly fond of classic muscle cars.

CarWrenching was born out of my affection for cars and my desire to help those who share the same interests. I am not a self-proclaimed expert, but I’ve learned a thing or two along the years that might be helpful to some. I know how to present information in a clear manner — and believe me when I say there’s not enough of that in this industry!

With CarWrenching I hope to finish the unending Google searches to find a fix for a particular car problem. It is my dream to make this website a sort of car encyclopedia, where users can quickly find the answers to most of their classic car troubles.

Whenever I’m not making CarWrenching grow or sinking my teeth into industry news, I am outdoors, exploring the world with my friends and my pets. Yet, truth be told, chances are I’ll also be in my garage reviewing aftermarket parts or fixing a friend’s vehicle — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.