Does A Cold Air Intake Increase Mpg? Best Answer!

Does a cold air intake increase mpg?
Does a cold air intake increase mpg?

Cold air intake can bring more air to your car, which will help in combustion. To have good combustion produced, your engine will need to have a supply of a good amount of air; more combustion produced will ultimately result in more horsepower for your car.

Does A Cold Air Intake Increase Mpg?

So yes, Cold air intake can increase the MPG(mile per gallon) of your car as it increases the amount of air that is used by the engine to produce combustion; more combustion will eventually lead to more horsepower for the car if you don’t consume the extra energy that is developed by your engine then you will ultimately improve the fuel efficiency of your car. Moreover, it will have a cooling effect on the engine during combustion.

What modifications increase MPG?

Try considering the below mentioned modifications to improve your fuel efficiency; these won’t just boost up your fuel efficiency but also your speed.Β 

What modifications increase MPG?
What modifications increase MPG?

πŸš—Cat-Back Exhaust System

How can the exhaust system affect fuel efficiency?

Improper elimination of exhaust fumes can also decrease the efficiency of your car. Exhaust leaks can be the primary reason for our car not giving appropriate mileage. A leak in the exhaust near the engine can result in higher emissions during combustion, which will result in decreased fuel economy and fuel wastage.

How does Cat-Back Exhaust System help with the problem?

Replacing the OEM system of your car with the Cat-Back Exhaust system will improve the gas mileage or MPG(mile per gallon) of your car by enhancing the airflow of your car. 

Cat-Back Exhaust System will allow more exhaust fumes to eliminate; this reduces the load on the engine, which results in less fuel consumption, eventually giving you the most out of your fuel efficiency.

Does installing a Cat-Back Exhaust System make your car fast?

Upgrading your car’s exhaust system to Cat-Back Exhaust System will help you decrease the load on the engine, which will allow the engine to produce more horsepower. More horsepower will leave you with more acceleration.

πŸš—Performance chip or tuner

Performance chips or tuners are planted into the ECU of the car engine to improve the horsepower produced and, ultimately, the MPG

What is a performance chip or tuner?

Performance chips or tuners are the chips responsible for mapping out the overall responsiveness of your car.

How do performance chips help in increasing the MPG?

You can add a performance chip or tuner by modifying your car’s ECU(Electronic Control Unit); ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the component that is accountable for handling the vehicle’s ignition timing and reading the fuel mixture. 

As you will tune the engine to increase fuel efficiency, the car’s MPG(Mile per gallon) will eventually increase.

What are the other benefits of using a performance chip or tuner?

  • Increased Horsepower and Torque: Modifying your engine by adding performance chips into your ECU(Electrical control unit) will lead to improved and controlled ignition timing of the car. Hence the engine will be able to produce more horsepower than earlier.
  • Easily Towing: If you are a truck driver or routinely pull a weight load using your vehicle, the towing can be improved by installing the performance chips; this modification will provide your car with increased horsepower and eventually make the towing process much easier.

πŸš— Improving Cold Air Intake System

This is considered one of the best and most effective ways to increase your car’s MPG. 

How does Cold Air Intake effects the car engine?

Cold air intake decides the amount of air supplied to the engine at the combustion time. The engine requires air to produce combustion, which is the base of the functioning of a vehicle.

Here’s a good video if you want to gain in-depth knowledge

How does the Cold Air Intake help improve the MPG of the car?

Cold air intake helps supply more air to your car engine, which will help produce more combustion by the engine turning out to more horsepower, and more horsepower will ultimately lead to more mileage.

Can Cold Air Intake improve the horsepower of the car?

Cold air intake can slightly improve your car’s horsepower as it enhances the combustion produced by the engine, which will ultimately increase the horsepower of the car.

What are the Benefits of Cold Air Intake besides Increasing MPG?

Cold air is very useful in increasing the MPG(Mile per gallon) of the car by increasing the air supply available to the engine for performing combustion. Besides improving the MPG of your car, cold air intake also have some benefits, which are as follows:

πŸš— Increased vehicle acceleration

Deploying a cold air intake will help you increase the acceleration of your car. Acceleration depends on the combustion that is produced by the engine.

As combustion is a chemical process and requires oxygen, Cold air intake makes sure that a good amount of air is delivered to the engine. The combustion then produced will lead to the vehicle’s desired and improved acceleration.

Most of the time, the engine does not perform as responsive as desired. It might be the case that the engine is not receiving enough air. To avoid this, you should use cold air intake. Installing the cold air intake will give you an additional 5HP to 20HP.

πŸš— Helps in keeping the engine cool

Cool air intake increases the amount of air available to the engine for combustion. It also helps keep the engine cool during combustion by supplying cool air to the engine, providing a cooling effect, ultimately keeping the temperature under control.

πŸš— Nicer sound

Installing a cold air intake could also improve the sound of the engine of your car; the sound is very much influenced by the load that the engine is bearing. Cold air intake reduces the engine load by supplying it with a proportionate amount of air, which keeps the engine cool and will give you a less annoying sound.

πŸš— Keeps the engine clean

Air intake systems usually come with air filters that are inbuilt into them; these air filters assist in keeping the engine cleaner and can be cleaned without any laborious work.

Cleaning these filters is super easy, and you just need to wash them in soapy water and then rinse them thoroughly in clean and cold water. They do not require any special tools to clean the filters.

How to Choose Cold Air Intake for Fuel Economy?

Aftermarket cold air intake can be a useful replacement for the stock air intake; this modification can make your engine produce slightly more horsepower and could significantly improve your car’s MPG(Mile per gallon). The major impact of the Cold air intake is on the fuel economy of the car.

How to Choose Cold Air Intake for Fuel Economy?
How to Choose Cold Air Intake for Fuel Economy?

Consider these factors to choose the cold air intake system that suits the best for your car:

πŸš— Vehicle design

  • Size: You should go for a car intake system replacement that fits according to the size of the car.
  • Model: Always opt for a cold air intake system that is suitable as per the model of your car.Β 
  • Type: It is very important to know the car intake system that you are installing into your Car is compatible with the type of car or not.

πŸš— Material

You should always consider going for a cool air intake system made of the material that suits your use.

  • Plastic: A plastic cool air intake system is generally considered the best type of air intake system because of the shape of the tubes; it offers ore efficient air path, making it easy for the engine to breathe.
  • Metal: Metal intake systems are much more effective than the restrictive factory intake ones, but the metal tubes used in these intake systems are not flexible.Β 

Try to go for the material that offers heat resistance.

πŸš— Cold air intake style

Also, look for the type of cool air system you are going for; there are two types of cool air intake systems available :

  • Short RAM System: This type of intake system offers easy access to the filters, which makes it easier to clean the filters without any laborious work.
  • True Cold Air Intake System: This air intake system specializes in carrying the air filter as forward as possible. It offers more cold air supply than the Short RAM System.

πŸš— Water-resistant

Water resistance is the property of the engine’s intake system to sustain the damage that the water can cause.

Can water damage the engine?

Water leak can eventually cause catastrophic damage to the engine as the intake system can suck the water, and in place of air, the water will be supplied to the engine. This can also fail the engine.


A cool air intake system can be really helpful in enhancing the fuel economy of your car. Still, on the flip side, this modification can be a disastrous accident if the intake systems part is not installed properly.

To ensure that you don’t fall into these kinds of situations and maintain a healthy engine try to do these modifications as safely and correctly as possible. I hope I have been able to answer your question “does a cold air intake increase Mpg?”, if you still have any confusion, please let me know in the comment box.