Do Diesel Have Catalytic Converters? Honest Answer!

Catalytic converters are used to reduce emissions produced through automobile engines. As soon as you start your vehicle, the engine starts combustion, which results in the emission of harmful gasses directly into the environment; then, the catalytic converters come into play.

Do Diesel Have Catalytic Converters?
Do Diesel Have Catalytic Converters?

These converters oxidize the emission gasses such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide into carbon dioxide and water. Yes, diesel cars have catalytic converters, but they work differently than in cars equipped with gasoline engines. Moreover, these catalyst converters are available in the new engine models nowadays.

Do diesel have catalytic converters?

Most of the air pollution is contributed by automobiles or vehicles. With the increase in the number of vehicles, there is an exponential growth in pollution.

Vehicles produce toxic emissions that are very harmful to the environment, so to reduce these emissions, diesel, as well as petrol vehicles, are nowadays equipped with the catalytic converters. It is responsible for converting these harmful gasses like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide into the form of water and carbon dioxide. Yes, diesel vehicles do have catalytic converters available.

Are diesel catalytic converters worth anything?

Diesel catalytic converters are helpful in today’s world as diesel cars emit many harmful gasses during the combustion that is carried out in the engine itself. Vehicles emit gasses such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide; these gasses lie among the most prominent gasses involved in air pollution.

Diesel catalytic converters were designed to tackle this problem; these converters convert harmful gasses and dangerous emissions into less harmful compounds such as water and carbon dioxide. This process is carried out with the help of a chemical process called oxidation.

Are diesel catalytic converters worth anything?
Are diesel catalytic converters worth anything?

With the help of the catalytic converters, air pollution caused by the vehicles can be controlled to a large extent. These converters offer 90 percent efficiency in total; if you are a driver who doesn’t like to experience the diesel odor in their car, these converters might be the meat bet you have as they are very helpful in eliminating the diesel odor from the car. A catalytic converter improves the overall performance of a car.

Diesel cars produce many clunky emissions, which are directly disposed of through the exhaust. Still, with the help of the catalytic converters, it will be oxidized into less harmful compounds.

Does a diesel engine need a catalytic converter?

Catalytic converters are one of the essential components of diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles; the requirement for catalytic converters in diesel engines has increased to a massive level nowaday. When the engine is turned on in a diesel car, the combustion takes place. The engine then produces emissions that can be seen in the form of fumes through the exhaust. 

And with the help of the Catalytic converters, these harmful gasses are then converted into low harmful gasses through oxidation. 

Does a diesel engine need a catalytic converter?
Does a diesel engine need a catalytic converter?

The gasses emitted by the engine at the type of combustion are Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, which are quite harmful to nature and us if emitted directly into the environment. Catalytic converters convert these harmful gasses into water and carbon dioxide compounds and then release them.

So yes, diesel engines do need catalytic converters.

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Do diesel trucks have catalytic converters on them?

Yes, diesel trucks have catalytic converters installed in them. The reason for this is quite simple as trucks usually are used for long trips, or the sole purpose of transportation and long trips mean more emission of gasses from the exhaust which are harmful to the environment; catalytic converters then convert these gasses into low harmful compounds such as water and carbon dioxide and then these compounds are emitted from the exhaust. This works as a filter that converts harmful and clunky gasses into less harmful gasses.

The catalytic converters play a huge role in minimizing the exposure of these gasses directly in the environment.

Where is the catalytic converter located on a diesel truck?

Depending upon the car models and engine types, catalytic converters can vary in size in which they are installed. In some cars, it is under the hood, while in other types of cars, it may be located in the middle. But generally speaking, the catalytic converter is installed in your car’s exhaust system, specifically in between the muffler and exhaust manifold.

The catalytic converter is directly related to the exhaust system as it passes the filtered gasses to the exhaust system for emission.

Do diesel catalytic converters get stolen?

According to surveys and reports, the theft of catalytic converters is normal now; these thefts have skyrocketed in the past years. It is pretty obvious for the thieves to go for the catalytic converters as they are an easy target and costly because of the precious and costly metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium present in these filters, which are a part of the functioning of these converters. 

It takes about two to three minutes for thieves to remove the catalytic converters from your vehicle. This increases the chances of the theft of your catalytic converters even in broad daylight.

Do diesel catalytic converters get stolen?
Do diesel catalytic converters get stolen?

The tools that a thief would require to attempt this theft are just a wrench for the bolted converters and a reciprocating saw for the welded ones.

So always be aware of the location you choose to park your vehicle. It is found that most of the catalytic converters are stolen from the parking spots. It is not that difficult to sell off these catalytic converters as most second-hand dealerships are ready to buy them. There is a huge demand for Catalytic converters in the scrap market, making them more vulnerable targets for theft.

It is always better to take usual precautions, even at the time of any repair or service of your car.

Which cars are most likely to have catalytic converters stolen?

The catalytic converter is a device to control emissions coming from vehicles. These converters consist of some precious metals such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium, which are too costly, and this makes them an easy target for the thieves to go for; theft of these converters won’t take much longer. It can be performed in less than two minutes. Here is a list of the cars that have a high probability of their catalytic converters being stolen:

Which cars are most likely to have catalytic converters stolen?
Which cars are most likely to have catalytic converters stolen?
  1. Ford F Series Pickups (1985-2021)
  2. Honda Accord (1989-2020)
  3. Jeep Patriot (2007-2019)
  4. Ford Econoline vans (1990-2022)
  5. Chevrolet Silverado Pickups (1999-2021)
  6. Chevrolet Equinox (2005-2021)
  7. Honda CR-V (1997-2020)
  8. Toyota Camry (1987-2019)
  9. Chrysler 200 (2011-2017)
  10. Toyota Prius (2001-2021)

Which cars are least likely to have catalytic converters stolen?

It takes about two to three minutes to detach your catalytic converter from your vehicle. Still, some vehicles do not contain many precious metals in their catalytic converter and hence have fewer chances of catalytic converter theft. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Ford.
  2. Chevy.
  3. Jeep.
  4. Dodge.
  5. Mazda.
  6. Nissan.
  7. Subaru.
  8. Hyundai.
  9. Chrysler.

Electric cars also come into this category as these cars don’t even have a one percent chance of catalytic converter theft. The reason is that they don’t have any catalytic converter. Moreover, electric cars don’t emit any gas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is a Ford diesel catalytic converter worth?

The Ford diesel catalytic converter price is around $2,355, and the labor cost ranges from $108 to $136.
However, the cost of a Ford e-350 catalytic converter is about $2,465 to $2,467. The labor cost for installing this catalytic converter is about $152 to $192.

How much are Prius catalytic converters worth?

You may not know it, but replacing your catalytic converter can be very expensive. The cost of a catalytic converter for Toyota Prius is about $1,800 to $2,000.

How much is an f250 diesel catalytic converter worth?

Ford trucks require quite big converters as compared to other vehicles. However, the price range for an F250 is about @120, and the maximum price can reach up to $350, which varies on the type of catalytic converter you are opting for.


Catalytic converters are a vital component of any vehicle; not only do they help reduce the harmful gasses directly emitted from the exhaust of a vehicle, but they can also improve the performance of a car significantly. 

But remember that these catalyst converters can be very costly when it comes to replacement, so always take necessary precautions as these converters are a prime target of the thieves.