Do Chevy Silverado Burn Oil? Easy Solution

Do Chevy Silverado burn oil?
Do Chevy Silverado burn oil?

There are certain faults with the Chevy Silverado, such as fuel level sensor failure, malfunctioning speedometers or other instruments, heating and air conditioning temperature concerns, and engine troubles. All of these issues have a significant impact on Chevy drivers’ experiences.

The most concerning problem among all is the burning oil problem. We have come up with a detailed analysis of this problem and the corresponding solutions. This could be very insightful for the people thinking of buying the Chevy Silverado and give them a clear idea of the vehicle.

What does burning oil mean?

What does burning oil mean?
What does burning oil mean?

Engine oil is meant to be stored inside the engine. An oil gasket is used to seal the bottom of the engine and is responsible for ensuring that there is no oil leakage from the engine. These oil gaskets or seals can sometimes leak due to other external factors, such as overheating and excessive wear and tear. 

The oil leak will result in the dispersion of the oil outside the engine, there are other parts also that are very hot, and when this oil spills on these parts, it will burn and produce the smell of burning oil.

This problem, when this occurs, is known as burning oil. Apart from odor, you can also get to know if your vehicle is burning oil if you see a bluish smoke coming from your vehicle’s exhaust.

Do Chevy Silverado Burn Oil?

Chevy Silverado has many complaints; as per the consumer reports, most of the complaints are about the oil burning problem, and it is said to be the most frequently occurring ones. We have come up with a detailed critique of the various reasons that could be the reason for the existence of this oil burning problem. Some of the common causes are listed below, along with their corresponding solutions:

What causes this oil burning problem in your Chevy Silverado?
What causes this oil burning problem in your Chevy Silverado?

🚗 Piston rings

Piston rings are responsible for blocking the gap between the piston of your car and the cylinder wall to revoke the leakage of oil so that the oil can reach the combustion chamber, which will ensure the proper working of the car. When these piston rings fail, there is no blockage to cover up the wide distance between the piston of your car and the cylinder wall, which will let the oil flow and spill onto the other hot parts of the car resulting in a burning oil odor.

Seek replacement for the faulty piston rings of your car. Moreover, you can expect a labor cost of $1000-$4000 for the replacement purpose.

🚗 PCV valve

The PCV system is responsible for maintaining the pressure from your crankcase and then alleviating it, which will enable it to send the oil back to the intake system for recycling. Still, when it malfunctions, it will start sucking the oil back into the engine and burn it there only. This will create a burning smell coming out of your Chevy. 

Take your Chevy Silverado to the local mechanic store to inspect it for any PCV valve damage.

🚗 Valve Seal

These valves play an important role in ensuring the flow of air and fuel into the combustion chamber and mainly help control oil consumption and valve lubrication. It is an integral part of the regulation system in a vehicle. When the valve seals become faulty, the oil is directly passed into the combustion chamber, which burns the oil and produces the odor of burnt oil. 

Taking your Chevy to the mechanic would be the best bet you can take to deal with this issue; a mechanic will do a pressure test to inspect if there is any fault with your valve seal.

🚗 Head gasket

Head gaskets are another type of seal present in your vehicle and are responsible for storing the engine oil galleries between the cylinder head and the engine block. These head gaskets contain springs that help in the functioning of these seals. When these springs are not functioning properly, it can become the reason for the oil leakage from your Chevy Silverado. 

Fixing a blown head gasket would cost you around $1,500.

What are the other problems that Chevy Silverado has?

As per consumer reports, Chevy Silverado has been known to have many other problems apart from burning oil; these problems are becoming the reason for the inconvenience faced by the Chevy Silverado drivers. With the help of our thorough research, we will try to cover all the other problems that are prone in the Chevy Silverado. Some of the common problems are listed below:

What are the other problems that Chevy Silverado has?
What are the other problems that Chevy Silverado has?

🚗 Knocking noise

Your Chevy Silverado would be making a clunking or knocking noise coming from the front of your Chevy; this may be caused due to any part that is coming in contact with another part of the vehicle, which would produce a knocking noise.

This can also happen if you use the wrong fuel in your Chevy Silverado. Still, this might not be the reason for the knocking noise you are experiencing most of the time, as almost every Chevy Silverado uses regular fuel.

🚗 Speaker failure

If your car’s battery alternator is weak, it may cause the speaker to function improperly or not function at all. If there is any problem with the alternator, then the voltage required to ensure the speakers are working will not be enough to do so.

🚗 The Chevy Silverado alarm keeps going off

There can be a lot of reasons why you are facing the issue where your alarm goes off all by itself. They can be caused by faulty sensors, low battery, and wiring problems.

🚗 Exhausted headlights

The housing of water is one of the most common reasons that cause of this issue. The unknowingly flickering of headlights can also be seen when the headlight system is corrupt in your Chevy Silverado.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can this problem of burning oil be solved?

There can be a lot of reasons that may be the cause of this oil burn issue, but yes, this problem can be solved. Just take your car to the nearest mechanic available, get your Chevy Silverado diagnosed, and then seek the replacement of the damaged part. In most cases, the PCV valve is major;y responsible for this issue, and try replacing it to solve it.

Does the Chevy Silverado have a lot of problems?

If we talk about consumer reports, there are many complaints associated with Chevy Silverado. Problems include malfunctioning speakers, clunking or knocking noise coming from the truck, and having issues with the headlights.


This issue can be a lot serious if not paid attention to. As it involves burning oil unsafely, it could be very dangerous as excessive oil burning could damage one or the other part and cause serious fire accidents. So it is very crucial to get your Chevy Silverado checked as soon as any symptoms prompt.