Can Low Oil Cause EPC Light? 5 Basic Reasons!

Can Low Oil Cause EPC Light? 
Can Low Oil Cause EPC Light? All You Need to Know 

An EPC light or Electronic power control warning light is an indicator that points to the issues that might trigger problems in your car; this light is to indicate to the driver if there is any problem with the vehicle’s throttle system.

In case you have a faulty fuel injection part or traction control, or your cruise control goes wrong, this light will appear. Most of the time, a glowing Electronic power control (EPC) indicator will indicate the car’s foot pedal controls.

Can Low Oil Cause EPC Light?

Yes, if the quantity of the engine oil is excessively less, it will trigger the Electric Power Control (EPC) light to glow, which will then notify the driver that there is something wrong with the vehicle. 

As engine oil comes under one of the most crucial parts that help in the working of a vehicle by playing an important role in lubricating other internal machinery in a vehicle. The parts of the vehicle constantly in friction require lubricating to work without any problem and to avoid the wear and tear that comes with all the friction.

EPC Light
Can Low Oil Cause EPC Light? and Other Reasons

So a significant drop in the engine oil levels of the vehicle can result in damage to these parts; not only that, if these parts work without proper lubrication, then the energy that is lost in the friction between these mechanical parts will then cause the engine to overheat and can lead to the damaging of the engine and the related parts to it.

Hence it is possible that low engine oil levels in your vehicle can cause the EPC light to glow. It is advised that as soon as you observe the glowing EPC light, you should check the engine oil light to confirm the issue and refill it by taking your vehicle to the local mechanic.

What can cause the EPC light to come on?

The Electronic Power System of your car can come up due to various reasons; according to our detailed research on this topic, we have gathered all the major reasons that can cause the EPC light of your vehicle to come up:

What can cause the EPC light to come on?
What can cause the EPC light to come on?
  1. Issues with the cruise control- If there is a faulty cruise control system in your car, then this can trigger the EPC light of a vehicle.
  2. Damaged ABS sensor- The Anti-lock Braking System helps in the steering of the car in emergency braking situations, the malfunctioning of the ABS can lead to a lot of casualties as there can be accidents that might be prone at the time of emergency braking if you have a faulty ABS the EPC light will glow.
  3. Malfunctioning of the motor- A faulty motor can be a common sign of the EPC system light glowing as this is an internal issue in the motor, so it is advised to take your vehicle to a mechanic for the moor checkup of your car.
  4. Throttle pedal issues- If you have a bad or damaged throttle pedal in your vehicle, it can also be a major cause of the EPC turning on. This can easily be observed by noticing a delay in throttle delivery when revving your vehicle.
  5. Faulty fuel sensor or low engine oil- The fuel sensor is a crucial part of a vehicle. When this goes wrong, it can turn out to be glowing the EPC system light, which indicates some issue with the internal system of the vehicle. Sometimes low engine fuel can also trigger this sensor. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What causes EPC to light on VW?

If you observe the glowing EPC light of your VW car, then this indicates that something is wrong with the throttle system of your VW car. While there can be a lot of other reasons for this problem as well like:

☑️ Faulty or damaged ABS.
☑️ Malfunctioning of the brake pressure sensor.
☑️ Faulty motor wiring.

2. What causes EPC light on Audi?

If you notice that the EPC light of your Audi is glowing, then this might be the indication of anything unusual there in the internal system of your Audi. We have prepared a list of all the reasons that might be responsible for this:

☑️ Defects in the ABS sensors.
☑️ Faulty traction control.
☑️ Damaged throttle pedal.

3. What can cause EPC in Audi a4?

The EPC system is responsible for notifying you fr any problem that might exist in your car’s internal system. The reasons that might be responsible for it are as follows:

☑️ Faulty crank or camshaft sensors.
☑️ The problem is the internal system of the motor.
☑️ Damaged speed sensor.

4. Can low battery cause EPC light?

Yes, the low battery in a car might cause the EPC light to come up.


The EPC system is very important as it is the only part that notifies the driver in case of any internal problem in the car, so it is not recommended to ignore it. As soon as you detect something suspicious, take your car to the local mechanic to get it repaired.