Tuners for the 2017 6.7L Power Stroke – FAQs & Buyer’s Guide!

The 2017 6.7L Power Stroke is a beast of an engine because it gives you more horsepower at very accessible and moderate engine revs. It can do 440 horsepower at 2,800 RPM and throws down a whopping 925 ft-lb of torque at only 1,800 RPM. But what if you want to boost those numbers even more, all while keeping your engine running efficiently? This is where tuners come in!

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Tuners can maximize your engine’s horsepower[note]http://www.zo.utexas.edu/courses/THOC/hp.html[/note] and torque, and in some cases, help your engine run more efficiently. In turn, this can help improve your MPG and make your monster of an engine a slightly more eco-friendly monster. But how do you figure out which tuner is right for you?

My List of the Top Tuners for 2017 6.7L Power Stroke

Easiest Tuner To Use
Bully Dog - 40420 review
Bully Dog - 40420
  • Quick and easy install
  • Fast imports of PCM data using Wi-Fi
  • Immediately noticeable increase in horsepower, torque and throttle
  • Aesthetically pleasing live monitoring of engine parameters
  • Wi-Fi enabled with cloud capability

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Best Diesel Programmer
Edge Products 85400 review
Edge Products 85400
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Unique, user-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Diagnostic and scanning tools with error clearing
  • Dash mount
  • Advanced options

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Best Overall Tuner
Banks 66592-DL review
Banks 66592-DL
  • AutoRate Adaptive Tuning
  • TransCommand Active Transmission Safety System
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame
  • No-Drill design for custom fit
  • ActiveSafety

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Best Calibration / Data monitoring Tool
Superchips 1545 review
Superchips 1545
  • Real-time data logging and monitoring
  • TPMS options
  • Speed/Rev limiter
  • Diagnostic tools for error/trouble codes
  • Recalibration for gear/axle swaps and tire upgrades.

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The Most Beginner-Friendly Tuner
Superchips 1845 review
Superchips 1845
  • 2.8” color screen
  • High speed processor for fast programming
  • Preset tunes for mileage, towing, and daily driving
  • Active fuel management control
  • Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes

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Best Overall Design
HP Tuners MPVI2review
HP Tuners MPVI2
  • Expandable memory
  • Bluetooth
  • High-speed analytics and diagnostics
  • Easily configurable settings
  • VCM editor

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Choosing the right tuner for your car can be exhausting simply because of the wealth of options out there on the internet. Do you try your hand with a cheaper, unproven producer, or stay safe but pay bigger bucks to get in with the trusted names of the market like Bully Dog or Superchips?

To save you time (and maybe even some money), I have scoured the web to find all of the most important information you’ll need when picking out a tuner for your 2017 6.7L Power Stroke engine[note]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Power_Stroke_engine[/note]. And to make your job even easier, I’ve listed the top options I found from my research right here for you to browse, learn about, and use to whittle down your own list of prospective tuners.

Review of Top-Rated Tuners for 2017 6.7L Power Stroke

1. Bully Dog 40420 – 2017 6.7 Power Stroke Performance Programmer

[img_block amz_url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001T8J4YK/?tag=cartime0e-20″ img_url=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81yaaDihi4L._AC_SL1500_.jpg” prod_name=”Bully Dog – 40420″]

The Bully Dog 40420 comes pre-packaged with Wi-Fi and cloud capabilities. This makes it one of the best options on the list for its user friendliness and easy-to-use design.

Just plug this tuner into your OBD2 port and hit the program vehicle button. Immediately, you’ll be prompted with a screen to confirm your VIN number and the option to update your device via Wi-Fi through the Bully Dog cloud.

After getting through the basic setup, once you power up your car you’ll be able to see either a preloaded tune that you can add yourself or the option to browse a huge list of other tunes available through the cloud.

Out of the box, it’s already packed with just about every feature you could want, from comprehensive diagnostics that can monitor a wealth of engine parameters to pre-packaged and custom tunes (which cover everything from fuel economy to extreme performance). The Bully Dog 40420 has literally got it all!

And possibly one of the coolest things about this tuner is the fact that it has Wi-Fi capability built in. This means that all of the data the tuner picks up on, as well as any custom tune maps you create, can be saved and accessed from practically anywhere and with anything with an internet connection.

All in all, I’m super impressed with how easy this tuner is to put to work, no matter the level of experience that you’ve got with engine tuning.


  • Quick and easy install
  • Fast imports of PCM data using Wi-Fi
  • Immediately noticeable increases in horsepower, torque, and throttle
  • Aesthetically-pleasing live monitoring of engine parameters


  • Increases fuel economy and performance
  • User-friendly design
  • Comes with lots of pre-programmed tunes for you to choose from
  • Wi-Fi enabled with cloud capability
  • Simplest way of handling data

FAQ – Can this tuner change my truck’s top speed?
Answer – Yes, this Bully Dog tuner can change the top speed your truck can reach before the engine automatically limits the power.

FAQ – When I’m driving, does this tuner need to remain plugged in?
Answer – After you’ve tuned it, you don’t necessarily need to leave it plugged in while you drive, unless you want to monitor engine performance and catch error codes.

FAQ – If I have multiple vehicles, can I use this tuner to tune all of them?
Answer – Unfortunately you can’t tune multiple vehicles at once. This tuner is tied to your VIN. But, if you reset the currently tuned car back to stock, you can move on to tune your next car right then and there.

2. SCT Performance 40490 – 2017 F-250 Emissions Tuner & Monitor

[img_block amz_url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077J5FFMC/?tag=cartime0e-20″ img_url=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71jCxiOcZVL._AC_SL1500_.jpg” prod_name=”SCT Performance 40490″]

The SCT performance 40490 PDX performance tuner and monitor is a closely-related competitor to the Bully Dog 40420 that I covered above.

Out of the box, you can expect three preloaded SCT tunes and nearly the same display and interface as the Bully Dog. This model also comes with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and a cloud file system that allows you to download new tunes on the go.

This tuner helps you keep accurate data logs and gives you access to your standard PID monitoring and customizable gauge layout, among a plethora of standard tuning features.

In only a few seconds of your time, you can update the device and load new tunes and profiles to the SCT BDX tuner. And a personal favorite feature of mine is the gauge layouts, which can simultaneously load up to eight different gauges.

If you’re not a big fan of Bully Dog but want the same feature capabilities – this tuner is your best bet!


  • Pre-loaded SCT Tunes
  • Full color screen
  • Wi-Fi capability to download tunes and store diagnostics
  • Locks to your VIN number
  • PID monitoring


  • Better fuel economy
  • Increases HP
  • Easy setup
  • Small compact design for storage
  • Visually pleasing LCD screen

3. Edge Products 85400 – Easy-to-Use Diesel Tuner for 2017 F-250

[img_block amz_url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XM16N4G/?tag=cartime0e-20″ img_url=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71dzYXdrCgL._AC_SL1500_.jpg” prod_name=”Edge Products 85400″]

At a first glance, the Edge Products 85400 CTS2 diesel evolution programmer looks to be the future of performance tuners. With its easily mountable dash display and a vibrant, full-color LCD touch screen, there’s no more fumbling around on the go – instead, you get one of the most professional looking and attractive solutions on the market.

Personally, I absolutely love the look of the menu that’ll immediately direct you to whichever feature you’re looking to modify, diagnose, or record.

Touching the performance settings button will immediately bring you to a sizable selection of stock performance tunes sorted according to the level of your performance needs, which it automatically categorizes for you based on your driving style.

In addition to the already awesome tuning features, you’re also able to record up to 20 minutes of engine data based on whichever parameters you’ve set for yourself. There’s even a feature called the “mileage coach”, which will tell you exactly how you should be driving and which performance settings you should use to maximize your MPG[note]https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/factors.shtml[/note].

As far as diesel tuners go, this is by far the easiest one that I’ve had the pleasure of using and reviewing. And I’m happy to say that I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a user-friendly approach to getting the standard range of tuning and diagnostic capabilities for a diesel truck.


  • Real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Unique, user-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Diagnostic and scanning tools with error clearing
  • Dash mount
  • Advanced options


  • Increased horsepower
  • Better MPG
  • BEST user interface
  • Beautiful addition to your dash
  • Great value

FAQ – Is an EGT probe included with this tuner?
Answer – Unfortunately this model does not come with an EGT probe. Your best bet would be the Edge PN98601.

FAQ – What cables does this tuner come with?
Answer – This tuner comes with all the connector cables that you’ll need, which plug right into the OBD2 port.

4. Banks Power Derringer 66592-DL – Best Ford 6.7 Tuner

[img_block amz_url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GNLS6M7/?tag=cartime0e-20″ img_url=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61tERgBbNlL._AC_SL1000_.jpg” prod_name=”Banks 66592-DL”]

The Banks Power Derringer iDdash 1.8 tuner 66592-DL is renowned for its powerful performance as well as its ability to intelligently self-regulate any feature you might want to tune. There’s no arguing that this tuner is near perfect out-of-the-box, and it’s definitely the best choice for virtually anyone looking to modify the performance of their 6.7L Power Stroke engine.

While most other tuners are set to a single-flash tune, the Derringer tuner constantly adjusts itself to deliver optimal performance in any and every condition.

Using the OBD2 port[note]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-board_diagnostics[/note] and the iDash 1.8, you can actively watch as the Derringer tuner monitors the EGT, altitude compensation, the DPF regen, the accelerator pedal, coolant temperature, and even the full power timer.

One of the most impressive safety features of the Derringer tuner is its ability to sense the temperature and monitor it for an efficient coolant usage. When your vehicle’s warming up, the tuner immediately begin to detect the temperature and output power to distribute coolant accordingly. And it won’t even turn on below 120 F. In addition to its best-in-class coolant temperature monitoring, this model also monitors the exhaust gas temperature to maintain a safe maximum EGT, thus keeping both your turbo and your engine safe and sound.

The rest of the Banks 66592-DL Derringer tuner’s features are focused on increasing the performance of your 6.7 Power Stroke engine. Starting with the ability to naturally compensate for changes in air pressure, it will control the turbocharger to maintain any boost in power that you might expect from the robust performance of the Power Stroke engine and tuner combo.

Similar to the altitude compensation feature, the full power timer, when set to the sports level, will allow you to run in full throttle (or full power, in layman’s terms) for a whole 30 seconds before switching back to its recommended output levels, giving you the freedom to safely push your engine to its fullest potential at any time.

As for a bit more of a behind-the-scenes feature, the Derringer will also optimize and monitor your diesel particulate filter (DPF) and accelerator pedal safely to ensure a better and smoother experience alongside improved fuel economy.


  • AutoRate Adaptive Tuning
  • TransCommand Active Transmission Safety System
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame
  • No-Drill design for custom fit
  • ActiveSafety


  • Easy to install
  • Top recorded performance
  • Incredible fuel efficiency answer
  • Unmatched safety features
  • Amazing digital display

FAQ – What is the procedure for hooking this tuner up?
Answer – Just find the OBD2 port and plug it in to hook it up to the ECU.

FAQ – What enhancements will I see with this tuner?
Answer – This tuner is built to enhance the power output of your vehicle. There is a wealth of custom tunes that you can flash which focus on performance, fuel efficiency, or even both in some cases.

FAQ – Is there a specific make or model this tuner works best with?
Answer – This particular tuner is made to work best with Ford trucks with a 6.7L Power Stroke engine. Another model is available for Chevy and GM trucks with a 6.6L L5P engine.

FAQ – What version of the Banks tuner is this?
Answer – This is the second generation version of the Banks 66592 Derringer tuner.

5. Superchips 1545 – Best Ford F-250 Tuner

[img_block amz_url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089XNBGZP/?tag=cartime0e-20″ img_url=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71xTXSZrsJL._AC_SL1500_.jpg” prod_name=”Superchips 1545″]

This is where some of the key differences between a tuner like the Derringer and the Superchips 1545 Flashcal calibration tool come into play. You may have immediately noticed it doesn’t quite carry the same load of artificially intelligent features as its competitive counterpart.

This particular option is really better fitted for someone looking to calibrate a wealth of different features in their vehicle.

Let’s make a note of the fact that a calibrator is slightly different than a tuner. But, this model serves a highly demanded purpose and does an outstanding job in its respective field.

Connecting via the all-too-familiar OBD2 port, the Flashcal is a small handheld device that is absolutely perfect for calibrating your aftermarket tires, your speedometer, wheels, gears, and a whole slew of various features on the inside and the outside of your truck.

Getting into the specifics – the Flashcal is incredibly easy to use because of its lightweight, plug-and-play design. You can expect the Flashcal to correct the speedometer for tire upgrades between 26 and 42 inches, recalibrate your speedometer for gear or axle swaps, and even diagnose a large variety of engine problems.

The additional diagnostics available using this calibrator also come into play via its real-time data logging and monitoring feature, allowing you to know exactly what’s going on with your truck at all times.

Just imagine the situation where your CEL pops up out of the blue. Immediately after plugging this tool in, you will be able to check the error code associated with the check engine light and figure out exactly what sort of problem you’re facing.

All in all, the Superchips 1545 Flashcal Calibration tool is absolutely wonderful for diagnostics and calibration. And while it’s not quite a “tuner” per se, I believe that it definitely deserves it’s spot on this list nonetheless.


  • Real-time data logging and monitoring
  • TPMS options
  • Speed/Rev limiter
  • Diagnostic tools for error/trouble codes
  • Recalibration for gear/axle swaps and tire upgrades.


  • Plug-and-play style device
  • Easy to use
  • Diagnostics and data logging for easier maintenance and calibration
  • Upgradeable using USB
  • Data exports to computer

FAQ – What kind of trucks can this tuner be used on?
Answer – This device is compatible with a 2019 F-350 Diesel or a 2015 F-150 2.7L EcoBoost, but it does not support 6.2L engine variant. The ideal option would be to pair it with the 6.7L.

FAQ – Can I clear codes with this tuner?
Answer – Yes, this Superchips tuner can clear codes, including turning off emission codes.

6. Superchips 1845 – Best 2017 6.7 Power Stroke Tuner For Beginners

[img_block amz_url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089YBW7GZ/?tag=cartime0e-20″ img_url=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71VVEf3MonL._AC_SL1500_.jpg” prod_name=”Superchips 1845″]

The Superchips 1845 Flashpaq F5 programmer is known for coming with several tuning presets that allow for possibly the largest breadth of customization you could do with a tuner.

This device is perfect for a beginner that’s just getting started with tuning. In only a few quick clicks, you can find yourself adding 100 horsepower to your truck, or enough torque to tow a large load in your pickup. Using the preset tunes loaded on these devices is as easy as calibrating it to match any after-market modifications you’ve made to your truck.

And if you’re not into getting down and dirty with customizing it all yourself, there are lots of ready-made presets available for you to download and load into the tuner.

While I’ve already titled the Bully Dog 40470 as being the “easiest to use”, I’d like to crown this particular tuner as being the most beginner-friendly option for tuning your 6.7 Power Stroke.


  • 2.8” color screen
  • High speed processor for fast programming
  • Preset tunes for mileage, towing, and daily driving
  • Active fuel management control
  • Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes


  • Fast installation
  • Improves drivability
  • 2-year powertrain warranty
  • Improved MPG’s
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring

FAQ – Is this tuner CARB compliant?
Answer – Unfortunately the Model 1845 is not CARB compliant in CA. In this case, you may want to look at a Model 4845, which would come with the CARB compliance sticker.

FAQ – What kind of truck will this tuner work with?
Answer – This Superchips tuner model is a perfect fit for practically any Ford truck model.

7. HP Tuners MPVI2 – Best Diesel Tuner for 2017 6.7 Power Stroke

[img_block amz_url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XLF36YH/?tag=cartime0e-20″ img_url=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61KydBpaj7L._AC_SL1500_.jpg” prod_name=”HP Tuners MPVI2″]

As soon as I came face to face with the HP tuners MPVI2, I felt like I was looking at the tuner with the prettiest design. And while the aesthetics of a tuner generally don’t constitute a top pick, it’s got a few nifty features up its sleeve that earn it a well-deserved place on this list.

The MPVI2 is the current model succeeding the discontinued MPVI1. It has a sleek and modern design that doesn’t come with nearly as many cables and wires as you would have seen with its predecessor, as well as a couple of new powerful features. However, before I jump into those new features, anyone buying an HP tuner should know about the HP credits system.

This new model utilizes a small external system dubbed the “credit system” where you have to hook up your tuner to a balance “wallet” that matches the make and model of your car, usually pairing with GM, Ford, or Dodge.

Without one of these, you are not going to be doing much tuning as it is mandatory to have a credit that matches your make and model as well as have enough points for your custom tune.

Here’s the tricky part: when you hook up your credit device to your computer using the necessary software, you’ll be prompted to license your device using a virtual currency that can be purchased through HP Tuners. The basic functions of your standard license will only give you access to the ECM.

But, if for some reason you wanted to modify anything else in your vehicle, you would need to purchase separate modules using the system. However, let’s have an open mind. While the credit system may be somewhat of a hindrance, this tuner is incredibly powerful and meets nearly the same standards in terms of performance as some of the other tuners that I’ve covered on this list.

Physically, the MPVI2 has expandable internal memory to store your calibration log files and the option to use Bluetooth to transfer data directly to any compatible device. Additionally, this tuner has faster scanning, logging, and data transmission rates than any of the options I’ve covered so far.

This is actually a huge benefit if you plan to use the tuner frequently to check in on error codes and tweak your maps.

The VCM editor in this model also comes packed with the ability to adjust torque, fuel efficiency, RPM limits, fan activation, transmission shift points, and pressures. And on top of all this, you can tweak the exhaust valve controls and speedometer settings, too.

So, all in all, I’d say that this is a great tuner for just about any hobbyist or someone that’s planning to do lots of serious tuning and tweaking to get their tune just right. And don’t forget that despite a slightly pesky credit system, the MPVI2 has a whole treasure trove of settings to offer over most popular competitor models.


  • Expandable memory
  • Bluetooth
  • High-speed analytics and diagnostics
  • Easily-configurable settings
  • VCM editor


  • Comprehensive diagnostics and scanning
  • Extensive ability to modify different components
  • Fastest possible data transmission
  • Easily interfaces with VCM Suite between your devices
  • Fast access to pre-made tunes repository

FAQ – Does this tuner have any accessible ports?
Answer – Yes, this tuner includes a pretty versatile USB port in its sleek design.

The Best Tuners for the 2017 6.7 Power Stroke – Buyer’s Guide

How much horsepower does a 2017 6.7L Power Stroke have?

The 2017 model is rated at around 440 HP with the return of the single sequential turbocharger that was typical for these engines before it was replaced in 2015.

What is the best diesel programmer?

In terms of the best programmer for your diesel engine, I strongly recommend the Edge Products 85400 CTS2 tuner, which I’ve reviewed here on my quest to find the best tuner for the 2017 6.7 Power Stroke.

How many MPG does a 6.7 Power Stroke get?

Generally, most of the tests conducted show that the 6.7-liter Power Stroke falls right around a comfortable average of 15 MPG, give or take.

How often do you need to change oil in a 6.7 Power Stroke?

According to the manufacturer spec sheet and maintenance schedule, your Power Stroke engine would be due for an oil change roughly every 10,000 miles. However, despite this ballpark, if your car’s oil indicator pops up before you hit that mark, it would still be a good idea to do it right then and there.

Does a DPF delete void my Ford warranty?

Generally speaking – yes, a DPF delete will in fact void your warranty. However, I strongly recommend that you get in touch with your local dealer to see whether or not they can “sweep it under the rug”. After all, they’re interested in doing warranty work, and they know full well how many issues the DPF can actually cause, which warrant the popularity of the delete.

How many quarts of oil does a 2017 F-250 take?

The 2017 F-250 only takes in a meager 7 quarts of oil. However, the Super Duty 6.7-liter variant requires 13 quarts.


If you’ve stuck it out until the very end of this guide, you should now know what to look for and what to be aware of when you’re out there tuner shopping for your Power Stroke engine!

I broke down the top seven options out there for you right now, including all the relevant specs, benefits, features, and information about each one. I also took the time to answer some of the most common questions shoppers have had about each of the suggested picks to make sure that all your bases are covered.

I hope that, after reading through my list of the best tuners for the 2017 6.7 Power Stroke, you feel like you have a full picture of what’s out there for you and have managed to put together something of a tuner short-list.

With this list in hand, you can now go out into the buyer’s market as an informed and confident consumer who knows what kind of tuner you want and what kind of benefits said tuner would bring for your already amazing Power Stroke engine.