S2000 Exhaust – Buyer’s Guide & FAQ!

If you’re looking to replace your Honda exhaust system then you want to find the best s2000 exhaust, right? And that’s where these options come in.

When you install a new exhaust system you’ll have a lot more volume to the vehicle. While a loud exhaust isn’t a necessity, it’s something that’ll make your vehicle a lot more fun to drive, which is why you’re likely looking for a new exhaust, rather than sticking with the factory exhaust system.

S2000 Exhaust Comparison Table:

S2000 Single Exhaust
HKS 32701-BH001 review
HKS 32701-BH001
  • Performance use design
  • Off-road use system
  • 115 mm tip size

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SUS-304 Stainless
Morakot Racing MK88-CB-MK-HD64000CH review
Morakot Racing MK88-CB-MK-HD64000CH
  • Increases horsepower 10 - 20
  • Mid to high RPM power
  • 3.5” tip size

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Best Sounding Exhaust for s2000
Invidia HS00HS1GT3 review
Invidia HS00HS1GT3
  • Stainless steel tips
  • Great quality sound
  • 110 mm tip size

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Single Layer Cat-Back
Invidia HS00HS1GTT review
Invidia HS00HS1GTT
  • High power gains
  • Cat-back design
  • 101 mm tip size

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Though I found one option to increase the power but isn’t won’t emit an excessive amount of noise, which is good for those who aren’t big on that idea.

All right, so I’ve already talked about the product that is the best and that you should install on your vehicle. But the truth is there are plenty of great s2000 exhaustsout there. So, how do you make sure you’re getting a good one? Choose at least one of these, which are my runner up options.

Review of Top-Rated S2000 Exhaust Systems:

1. Skunk2 Racing 413-05-2025 – Best for 2000-2009 Honda S2000

The Skunk2 MegaPower is a bolt-on system, which means you don’t need to worry about welding or any type of fabrication. It’s also a dual system, so it has two exhaust ports and it’s stainless steel with TIG welding.

All of this means that it’s a high quality, durable system that will work with mildly modified engines and more. The cat-back design also gives you a good amount of sound while also providing increased exhaust flow.

No products found.

Who this is for:

Anyone who wants to get a great deal of sound or keep that sound down a little more with the silencers otherwise. It’s also great for those who want something simple to install.

Why I like it

It comes with everything that you need, including silencers. I also like the sound from the exhaust when the silencers are removed.


  • Cat-back style
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dual exhaust design


  • 43.2 pounds
  • 48” x 33” x 12”
  • 110 mm tip size

2. HKS 32701-BH001 – Best S2000 Single Exhaust

Designed for a slightly wider audience of Honda s2000 drivers, this exhaust system is, in fact, a racing layout. That means it’s lighter weight as well as great sounding. You’ll have the best level of exhaust flow possible and unique slide joints as well.

Designed specifically for off-road use, this system has all of the pieces to get it installed and ready in no time at all.

Who this is for:

This is great for anyone who does off-road racing because that’s what it’s designed for and hence offers the best results for.

Why I like it:

t’s a single exhaust that still provides the sound and the feeling that you’ll get from a dual exhaust.


  • Single exhaust system
  • Performance use design
  • Off-road use system


  • 36 pounds

3. Morakot Racing MK88-CB-MK-HD64000CH2.5 inch Exhaust for Honda S2000

Morakot Racing’s Fit exhaust system is designed to fit 2000 to 20009 Honda s2000 and provides everything you’re looking for. It’s a cat-back system and a dual exhaust as well, so you’ll get even more exhaust flow. Plus the 3.5” tips are made with stainless steel and polished to a smooth and shiny finish.

Not only that but all of the pieces to install it (other than the rubber bushings) are included so you’re ready to get started with all new parts in no time.

Compatible/Replacement For 2000-2009 Honda S2000 2.5 Inch Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System 3.5 Inch Muffler Tip
  • Compatible/Replacement For 2000-2009 Honda S2000
  • Please remember to check all current exhaust rubber bushings to makes sure they are still able to be reused before installing
  • Tip Diameter: 3.5 Inch with Silencer , Piping Diameter:2.5 inch
  • SUS-304 Stainless Made Steel with Polish Finish
  • No Installation Guides Included

Who this is for

Anyone who wants the best possible power both in horsepower and RPM. Not to mention anyone who wants a good amount of sound at the same time.

Why I like it:

It helps increase engine output and it’ll also improve the efficiency of the engine.


  • Increases horsepower 10 – 20
  • Mid to high RPM power
  • Great sound and smooth flow


  • 30 pounds
  • 43” x 12” x 21”
  • 3.5” tip size

4. GReddy 10158100 – Street Performance Exhaust for S2000

If you’re looking for a high-end system and you’re willing to pay for it then this is the exhaust you want. It offers a less restrictive system than the factory exhaust while also improving horsepower and torque.

Not to mention it’ll boost fuel efficiency so you’re getting all of the benefits and not dealing with the drawbacks that go along with a number of similar products. You’ll have everything you need for a quality experience while driving.

No products found.

Who this is for:

Anyone who is looking for a higher-end system made by a great company. It’s perfect for those who want to get a good sound and style to their vehicle.

Why I like it:

It gives you the best of everything. You get great sound, great fuel efficiency, improved horsepower, and improved torque.


  • Single exhaust system
  • Straight through system
  • Improved fuel efficiency


  • 2.5″ Piping – 63.5mm
  • 115mm Tip
  • Dyno Proven – Gain 5.8hp and 4.9tq

5. APEXi 116-KH26 – Fits 2.0L/2.2L Honda S2000

The sleek look of this exhaust system is designed to really make you the talk of all your friends. It’s a dual exhaust with a canister made of high-quality stainless steel. The mandrel-bend of the piping is even better, and the whole thing provides you with a low to the mid-range level of power.

It’s been tested to be one of the best systems currently available and it even comes with everything that you need in order to get set up so you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Apexi 116-KH26 WS2 Exhaust System 00-08 S2000
  • 60mm Piping, 100mm Tip
  • Honda S2000 (00 and up)

Who this is for:

For anyone who wants a good amount of power without a lot of noise.

Why I like it:

It’s a balance between the loud noise of a standard aftermarket exhaust and the power you would expect.


  • Powder coated steel
  • Mandrel bent piping
  • Lower level of noise


  • 56 pounds
  • 100 mm tip size

6.Invidia HS00HS1GT3 – Best Honda S2000 Exhaust

With this Invidia Q300 exhaust system, you’re getting a cat-back design that’s made for Honda s2000 vehicles from 2000 – 2009. Made with stainless steel tips to provide a sleek and bright finish for, this exhaust features high-speed aerodynamics and continuous piping.

You’ll get everything that you’re looking for to install the system other than the exhaust mounts so you’ll install it in no time.

Invidia (HS00HS1GT3) Q300 Cat-Back Exhaust System with Stainless Steel Tip for Honda S2000
  • Honda S2000 2000-2009
  • Piping diameter: 70 millimeter
  • Tip size: 110 millimeter

Who this is for:

For individuals who want a cat-back style with a great sound overall and who are driving an applicable Honda vehicle.

Why I like it:

The stainless steel tips create a stylish look and the sound of the exhaust lets people know you’re coming.


  • Stainless steel tips
  • All pieces included
  • Great quality sound


  • 54 pounds
  • 60” x 18.4” x 11.9”
  • 110 mm tip size

7. Invidia HS00HS1GTT – Stainless Steel Exhaust for S2000

Designed for Honda vehicles built between 2000 and 2009, this Invidia system is a cat-back design that features titanium tips. This makes it even more durable but still provides a stylish look.

It also has mandrel-bent piping made with stainless steel. providing high end power gains. In fact, it will create mid to top-end power gains to improve the overall experience with your vehicle.

Who this is for:

Anyone who wants the most power gains they can while also getting a great looking dual exhaust system.

Why I like it:

It gives you the mandrel-bent piping while also offering a good fit for AP1 and AP2.


  • Great quality sound
  • High power gains
  • Cat back design


  • 42 pounds
  • 60” x 17.5” x 12”
  • 101 mm tip size

S2000 Exhaust – Buyer’s Guide

Okay, so even after I’ve given you my favorite and the runners up you’re still not sure? Then it’s time to discover how to make a good choice. Following are the features to recall when it comes to choosing an exhaust.

How to Pick an s2000 Exhaust


What the exhaust is made out of is an important feature. In most cases, you’ll find either stainless steel or titanium though aluminized steel is another possibility. Some are also made with a powder-coated[note]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powder_coating[/note] steel rather than true stainless steel.

Tip Size

The tips are part of what you’re looking for when it comes to choosing a quality exhaust system, so you want to see just how large the tips are going to be in making an overall decision. These are generally going to be around 100 to 110 mm though you could get something slightly larger or something that’s slightly smaller.

Type of Exhaust

Cat-back exhaust means everything from the catalytic converter and back is replaced and it’s one of the most popular styles, offering a moderate change. An axle back is designed to replace only the rear axle and exhaust tip, which makes it the cheapest option. Finally, a header back replaces everything from the header to tailpipes.

Exhaust Configuration

You could get one of several different configurations when it comes to an exhaust. One is a single exhaust, which means only a single set of components for a lighter and less expensive system. Dual exhaust means two pipes all the way from the headers to improve sound quality. Dual crossover means you get a better balance for the system and better performance. Dual exhaust is the final option and means a single exhaust system that splits into a dual system at the end to provide two tips.


All right, well we’re almost done here and now we’re ready to go over a few of the most important questions. These are a few things people always want to know when it comes to choosing the best s2000 exhaust. So, let’s take a closer look, shall we? Hopefully, these answers will make the entire process easier.

What Are s2000 Exhaust Tips?

The exhaust tips for your s2000 are a stylish add-on that makes sure you get the attention you’re looking for. Tips are available in several styles and will provide you with a slightly different look.

How to Install Exhaust on a Honda s2000

When it comes to installing the exhaust system make sure you’re following the right steps in the right order.

  1. Preassemble unit without tightening down bolts
  2. Put gaskets onto the exhaust system and hand-tighten bolts
  3. Transfer rubber hangers from the old exhaust to the new
  4. Lift the exhaust onto the vehicle
  5. Attach rubber hangers from the exhaust onto the vehicle
  6. Reinstall spring-loaded bolts that connect catalytic convertor to the header
  7. Tighten down fasteners/bolts with tools to get a tight connection
  8. Reinstall lower support bar
  9. Reinstall O2 sensor[note]https://cecas.clemson.edu/cvel/auto/sensors/oxygen.html[/note] to exhaust and vehicle

How to Remove s2000 Exhaust

If you’re looking to remove the exhaust to put in a new one is quite simple.

  1. Remove rubber hangers on muffler section
  2. Remove lower support bar so the exhaust can come out in one piece
  3. Remove oxygen sensor from the vehicle and from the exhaust
  4. Remove spring-loaded bolts that connect catalytic convertor to the header
  5. Support exhaust system while you’re removing final hangers
  6. Remove the rest of the rubber hangers so the exhaust is free to move
  7. Take out the exhaust and put in a safe place

How Many Exhaust Hangers s2000 Has

You will actually have a total of 5 hangers on your Honda s2000.

How Much Does a Honda s2000 Exhaust Weigh?

A Honda s2000 exhaust weighs approximately 23.4 kg. New exhaust systems can weigh far more than this, however.

What is the Loudest Exhaust for s2000?

The loudest exhaust for an s2000 is dependent on your preferences as some people feel different options are louder than others. Some say the Veilside Teardrop is the loudest but it’s difficult to verify. Others say just to take the pipe off entirely to get the most volume.

Which Size Exhaust is Best for s2000?

The best size exhaust for an s2000 is a 70 mm exhaust. This comes out to approximately 2.75 inches, though this isn’t a total.


All right, so at this point we’ve discussed my favorite exhaust and others. And then we talked about different features to consider if you are looking for something else. You should be ready to choose just the perfect exhaust system for your Honda s2000. If you have the best s2000 exhaust you’ll appreciate driving your vehicle a whole lot more. And you won’t worry about the common features of a stock exhaust. You’ll get something much higher end when you start from here.